Wilder Pavilion, St. Paul, MN

Recent Reviews

Restoration and super insulation of the Practice House is the lead profile in Michelle Kodis’ recent book, Modern Cabins (Gibbs–Smith Press). It was also featured by Dale Mulfinger in the July 2009 Mpls./St. Paul Magazine.

“Esprit Décor”, Marc Mettler, Twin Cities SPACES, VOL 1, No 3, page 16, August/September 2005 Region 2

“Spotlight: Wizard's Hat Pavilion”, Laura Yuen, Saint Paul Pioneer Press, July 14, 2005

“Addition Built for the Book”, Cooper/Foster library addition, Larry Millett, Saint Paul Pioneer Press  Dec. 13, 2003

“Their Castle is Their Home”, Louis and Maud Hill House restoration, Debra O'Connor, Saint Paul Pioneer Press, July 14, 2002